January 2018 Newsletter

Lanterns procession
Our highly successful Lanterns procession seems a long time back now and although it received excellent press coverage this is the first opportunity to record the results in the magazine.
Children’s Section:
1. Kate Mundy – Sunflower
2. Tallulah Zahel –Shark
3. Rose Darnley – Windmill
Family Section:
1. The Buick Baker Family – Penguin
2. The Theobald Family – Mouse
3. The Hossack family – Polar Bear
School Prize:
Class 4 for their Fish.
Overall Trophy Winners:
The Buick Baker Family
Well done to everyone concerned and we have a lot to live up to next year.
Understanding Landscapes
Thanks to everyone who turned up to this event at the Hub. Dr. Chris Smart and his team have set the ball rolling for a very interesting Archaeology/ History project which, if their Heritage Lottery Fund bid is successful, is set to pan out over the next few years and hopefully provide us with an upgrade of our current level of knowledge. Judging by the numbers present there will be no shortage of willing volunteers for this project.
Plans for Next Year
The Local History Group has a number of plans in the pipeline for this coming year. As well as our speakers at the Village Hall we will be contributing to the 700th anniversary of St. Andrews and hoping to commemorate the centenary of the final year of World War One.
Picture Quiz
Last month’s Picture Quiz posed such a challenge that it was only recognised by one person – Julie Morey – who correctly identified it as Blackstone Road. The photograph clearly shows Dryden Cottage but the other two cottages shown are no longer there obviously contributing to the confusion. We will be back with more picture quizzes this year and some of them will be equally challenging.
John Marsh