February 2018 Newsletter

We know that the most popular aspect of our History work is the photography archive but unfortunately we are running out of new stock and need more.
If you have some old photos of the village please consider their possible use in our archive for all posterity to appreciate. You don’t lose the photos – they are scanned in and returned to you. And the photos need not cover the big events like the Carnival or the Cottage Garden Show. They can feature local views or landscapes. We have a fantastic stock of photos up to the 1970s and then they start to run out and we all know there’s been a lot of change since then.
The Local History Group is at the Hub on the last Saturday of each month. Alternatively you can leave your photos at the Hub or send them digitally to ilhg@gmail.com If you would not like the photos to be displayed on social media or in this magazine we ask that you make that clear when you donate.
We do have extensive collections of photos from some of our village clubs and societies but we would love to have more from our Sports Clubs, the Amateur Dramatic Society, the WI and the Scouts and Guides.
We invite you to come along to the Village Hall on Monday March 5th where Colin Vosper will be giving a talk. Colin was formerly a lecturer at South Devon Technical College and his themes are linked to local industry. These themes include the ‘The Old Saltway from Coombe Cellars to Totnes’, The Devon Marble Industry and Devon’s Canals. The talk starts at 7.30 p.m. and there will be more details to follow.

Where was this photograph taken? For an extra bonus does anyone know the names of the two women?
John Marsh