June 2018 Newsletter

St. Andrew’s looked resplendent for the Re-dedication of the High Altar on the evening of May3rd. The Bishop of Exeter was clearly pleased to be present, both in the service and at the Church Hall for refreshments afterwards. The floral decorations and the displays by the school pupils and the churchwardens added to the occasion. Take the opportunity to see the Wall Hanging which was the product of many hours work by villagers and will now become an historical artefact in its own right. The Local History Group is very grateful to all of you who contributed to our war memorial display and may I offer particular thanks to Mary Quick for the poppies.
We are planning to present some of our best photographs of the village at our AGM on July 23rd. We do have an excellent collection but if you do have any interesting photographs of the village from the last hundred years or so just get in contact and we will add them to the archive. All photos are stored digitally and will be returned to you.
This month’s image is a wonderfully evocative picture of the old stores at the corner of Dornafield Road. The picture dates I believe from the 1920s when the store was called Gribbles and features Winsor Gribble, Ern Dart, Bill Birch and Blatchford (single name only on the photo). If you know any more about this picture get in touch.

John Marsh