September 2015 Newsletter

Memories are made of this as the old song goes. How is your memory of Ipplepen in times gone by? We in the Ipplepen History Group started recording the memories of some of Ipplepen’s long standing residents a while back and those recordings are now stored in the village archive ensuring a wonderful legacy for future generations.
Members of the History Group are now planning to add to this living archive by conducting more interviews over the coming year. We do have a few names in mind but if there is anyone in the village or surrounding areas who we may not have considered or indeed whom you think might prove a valuable source of information please do not hesitate to contact any of the names below.
Change comes to village life, sometimes imperceptibly but sometimes rapidly. I have lived here since 1984 and even a relative ‘rookie` like myself can start to sound like a veteran when talking about ‘old` Ipplepen. Stories about Ipplepen in the 1930s, 40s or 50s are, of course, welcome but our archive is intended to be comprehensive and we would welcome contributors happy to speak about more recent times.
We are also pleased to accept photographs for scanning depicting Ipplepen before any of the more recent housing developments took place because we know that people are always fascinated to see how the village used to look. All the material that we have is not intended just to be stored because our aim is to share and celebrate Ipplepen’s history online and in exhibitions and open days at the Village Hall or at the Hub.

John Marsh