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October 2021 Newsletter


On MONDAY OCTOBER 18th at 7.30pm we welcome TODD GRAY to the Village Hall. Many of you will know Todd as an entertaining speaker and this time his theme has a very Devon flavour.

“The Devon ballad that conquered the world: Uncle Tom Cobley &

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September 2021 Newsletter

Talk at the Village Hall
On the opening day of the lockdown restrictions easing, we were able to take advantage by having our first talk at the Village Hall for eighteen months. Our guest speaker was Colin Vosper, and he took us through the marvels of the Devon Marble Industry of the nineteenth century which created fortunes for some and left us with a legacy in churches,

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August 2021 Newsletter

Back to Normal?
In July we made some tentative steps back to normality with our AGM and talk up at the Village Hall. As it gets nearer the Autumn, we hope to foster our links with the Primary school once again for the Arthur French memorial prize and then,

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July 2021 Newsletter


We normally combine our AGM with a talk from our visiting speaker. However, we have not had normal for some time and like every other organisation in the village planning ahead is fraught with difficulty.

We have booked the Village Hall for MONDAY JULY 19th at 7.30pm.

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June 2021 Newsletter

Beating the Bounds
This is the fourth and final part of our route round the compass points of our parish boundary. We started with Red Post in the South which borders on Totnes and then, to the west, Ambrook bordering on Broadhempston and in last month’s edition at the northern tip and bordering on Denbury we had Dornafield.

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May 2021 Newsletter

Beating the Bounds 3
This is the third stage of our tour of the outer limits of our parish boundaries. So far, we have been to the south at Red Post and to the west at Ambrook. This month it is the turn of Dornafield in the north.

We know Dornafield as a welcome break for refreshments on our long trek and as we pass through the impressive old archway and pause to take photographs,

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April 2021 Newsletter

Beating the Bounds
Continuing the theme of picking out places on the outer fringe of our parish boundaries I will go west this month to focus on Ambrook. On our Beating the Bounds route we venture quite close to Ambrook House and below we have a picture of villagers gathering in the Square for the 1950 Beating the Bounds For many of us now Ambrook House is associated with the Italian Gardens which many in the village have had the good fortune to visit.

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March 2021 Newsletter

Beating the Bounds
The tradition of Beating the Bounds stems from a time when people prayed for a blessing on their crops. The period before Ascension Day (the 5th Thursday after Easter) called ‘Rogation’ involved an annual procession or ’perambulation’ around the parish boundary. In the days before good maps,

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February 2021 Newsletter


It will come as no surprise to anyone but again we are required to report that an event has had to be cancelled. We had booked Alex Graeme for a talk at the Village hall on Monday February 22nd on the subject of the ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’.

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January 2021 Newsletter


As many of you will recall we pulled out all the stops last year to put on a variation of our Lanterns parade. We were overwhelmed by your response and the range and creativity of the displays have provided us with plenty of food for thought for this year’s event.

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